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Subscribers Coffee Information

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Costa Rica SHB Hermosa, Fully Washed 

Cupping Notes: Bold bodied, chocolate filled cocoa powder, with sweetness provided by honey flavour and lemon acidity

Varietals: Catimore, cattura.

Producer: Co-op Dota :

Coop Dota was first established circa 1929 when Ramon Blanco built a wet mill in San Pablo de Leon Cortes. Local producers began delivering their coffee there to be processed and a further wet mill was built in Santa Maria. Due to uncertainty in pricing, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department to accomodate farmers and advise on how to process and market their coffee best – thus Coopedota R.L. was born. Today it represents over 750 memebers, each with 8-10 hectares of coffee growing land at an altitude of between 1550 to 1750 masl.

Costa Rican Coffee:

Costa Rica’s coffee industry is well established and successful. Producing more commonly SHB – Strictly Hard Beans from high altitude growing regions, these coffees are well cared for, washed and processed accordingly – which goes some way to explain their typically firm pricing (comparatively to other producers). Lower grades (the HB’s) are also common from Cost Rica. A number of Fairtrade cooperatives have flourished in recent years, and individual communities as well as estates and cooperatives have made a name for themselves in the wider specialty coffee sector. Individual regions such as Tarrazu also have critical acclaim. Costa Rican flavours invoke chocolate undertones and full bodied, rich mouthfeel. Notes of lemon, sherbet, honey and caramel are also present – making Costa Rican coffee great for espresso based coffees, but also, given the right fruit components, a perfect pour over too.