We have created a choice of speciality espressos; our seasonal blend with light roast and a darker Brazil single origin from Morada da Prata farm.

East Gate Espresso Blend
from 6.50

Nuts, creamy caramel, plum sweet with juicy top notes

East gate is the name of our Cielo house Espresso blend. We aim to bring you a blend of some of our favourite coffees of the season. We grasp the opportunity to bring out some more fruity flavours and sweetness and bring you the best of the beans that have been produced by hard work from the farmers.

Current seasonal blend is made up of:

Brazil Eagle 70%

Uganda Rwenzori 15%

Tanzanie Burka & Selian Estate 15%


For full information on each coffee, see the single origin estate page

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Brazil Espresso
from 6.50

Medium/Dark Roast, perfect for a morning wake-up coffee!

We love this farm and boy do they know how to grow and cultivate wonderful beans.

Red Cherries, Dark Chocolate, Raisins

Brazil Espresso is a single origin from south Brazil in Southern America. It carries all the full flavours which you want from an espresso, without being overpowering. We have roasted this slightly darker than the East Gate blend to help provide a fuller flavour through milk.

FARM: Fazenda Morada Da Prata

PRODUCER: Maria Helena Dumont Adams

REGION: Batatais, SP (Alta Mogiana)

PROCESS: Natural

ALTITUDE: 850 masl

VARIETAL: Red Mundo Novo

HARVEST: May - June - July

The Art of Production

Ripe coffee cherries are floated to separate the densest, highest quality cherries. These high quality cherries are then dried in the sun, constantly turned to ensure even drying and prevent over-fermentation or mould occurring. Once the moisture content has reached 25%, the cherries are transferred to a ‘Coolseed’ static dryer, allowing for a gentle and controlled machine drying until the moisture has been reduced to 12%. Once the optimum moisture content has been reached the dried coffee is hulled, carefully sorted, graded by bean size and bagged for export.

The Region

Alta Mogiana (High Mogiana) is a traditional coffee growing region in southern Brazil with fertile soils, plentiful rainfall and some of the highest altitude farms in Brazil, with elevations up to 1,250m.

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