Are you looking to open your own cafe or do you already run a cafe and want to improve the quality of the coffee.

Are you looking to buy a coffee machine

Do you or your staff need Barista training, or want advice in setting up a cafe.

Cielo was established in 2008 and we have lots of experience in the cafe sector. We know what it is like to have bad service from your coffee supplier. We also recognise that the coffee market is getting more discerning and we need to stand out in our quality and knowledge of coffee to be ahead of competition.

3 reasons to choose Cielo Coffee:
Quality, Ethical, Makes a difference


The days of cafes serving mass roasted, mediocre, commodity coffee are numbered. Customers tastes are discerning and people are getting suspicious by espressos that ALWAYS taste the same (even if they come from different crops and regions). Even the big chains are starting to give alternative espressos to their 'standard' flavour.

Cielo coffee roast only speciality coffees from small farms around the world. We provide farm information for your customers by POS at the till.  We also give cupping notes with 2 or 3 flavours they should expect to find in the drink. They don't want to be bombarded with too much info, but a little sets you apart.


People care about the traceability of the products they buy. It won't always be enough to stop people spending, but with the ethical story behind each coffee, it will buy you regular custom.

We provide farm information on all the coffees we sell. Some of our favourites like the India Bibi plantation, goes the extra mile, providing housing for all the staff, paying for education for their kids, free electricity and free healthcare all thrown in. 

And we never have to compromise on the taste to buy ethically. There are some amazing farmers growing market leading coffees and treating people and the planet well.

Faiz Moosakutty of the India Bibi Plantation

Faiz Moosakutty of the India Bibi Plantation

Making a difference

We are in an age where products get full advertising campaigns based on the fact they give away 10% of profits to those in need. Whilst this is great, we believe we should give everything.

So we run our coffee business as a Social business, aiming to make a life-changing difference to people in coffee growing nations.

Currently we are giving to a project in Ethiopia curing children with Clubfoot. Our friends - a doctor and his family - from our home town are living in Addis Ababa, working with Cure UK to give children a better chance in life. They can see firsthand the difference our giving makes.

Your customers can feel good buying a coffee from you who supports this amazing work.

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